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Fellerath needs fun


The most surprising thing about David Fellerath's review of Little Miss Sunshine (Aug. 16) is how bad it is. He uses the film as an excuse to go off on the Hollywoodization of independent films and Sundance. How cliche!

Instead, he should have paid attention to the movie. It's funny, even hilarious at times. The characters were perfectly cast and the actors gave stand-up performances. They were believable and the chemistry worked.

The writer and directors even nailed subtleties that I'm sure escaped Fellerath. For anyone who has spent time around a VW van of that era, parking on hills and keeping the sliding door from falling off were just part of the charm. (I personally had to park on an incline or beat my starter with a hammer while someone else turned the ignition key from Santa Fe to San Francisco.) In addition, for anyone who has tried to sell an idea, book, article, etc., the scenes with Dad waiting for the call almost hit too close to home.

I laughed out loud throughout the movie, as did most of the people in the theater. The review says more about Fellerath than it does about the movie. He should take himself a little less seriously and work on acquiring a sense of humor before he misses out on more of the fun.

Thomas M. Mills

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