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Fall-ternative: Film



The Center for Documentary Studies is accepting submissions up through Oct. 1 for their annual Documentary Film and Video Happening, which takes place Friday-Sunday, Nov. 2-4. The event isn't only for students, but for emerging community filmmakers from across North Carolina. "It's a happening really--more of a community event for the emerging filmmakers to participate in workshops and meet other filmmakers in the area," says Dawn Dreyer, coordinator of public programs at CDS.

This year's featured filmmaker is prize-winning independent documentarian Les Blank, who'll be showing a retrospective of all his films (and a look at works in progress). Opening night features a screening of Blank's Burden of Dreams, which chronicles director Werner Herzog's trials filming Fitzcarraldo on location in the Amazon River basin. On Saturday and Sunday, 10 different workshops, on topics ranging from the relationship between filmmaker and subject, how to do cheap sound, and a presentation on different formats (digital video versus film, for instance), will be open to participants. In addition, Karen Cirillo, a former programmer for the DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival, will hold a workshop on identifying the different film fests that are out there, and what they're looking for and how to submit to them.

It's only $15 for the whole weekend. "We really want to make this accessible," Dreyer says. While the Les Blank screening will be open to the public (you don't have to attend the rest of the fest to see it), Happening members will have special times reserved with Blank to hear him discuss his work. Call 660-3680 for details.

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