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Fall-ternative: Black Metal


Attention all goat throwers--tell 'em Natas sent you. The dark gods have answered your murmured backward prayers and sent a concert of epic volume and brutality to our fair land this October: Metallennium 2001, brought to you straight from the cesspools of heck. The tour, headlined by Six Feet Under (who are occasionally chastised as being "nu-metal" by those preferring their metal heavier or more e-vil), also features ancient innovators Napalm Death (only Satan knows who's in ND now, although at last count it was still Barney Greenway and a bunch of yanks), Witchery, Lamb of God, Soilent Green and more. Fans of Norwegian black metal will rejoice to hear the infernal screams of vocalist Shagrath, frontman for Dimmu Borgir (aided by operatic embellishments courtesy of group member Vortex), as he waxes lyrical on such topics as tormenting Christian souls. Now on Nuclear Blast, Dimmu Borgir is still touring for their latest release, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia, a departure from the mega-heavy, reverb-drenched sound of their previous albums.

In addition, the tour will include two video screenings, including the premiere of Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza Documentary, a revealing look at today's underground metal scene. There'll also be a "touring metal marketplace" of vendors hawking their dark wares, no doubt including some fabulously over-the-top T-shirt designs that will let friends and complete strangers know where you stand, musically. The beast that is the Metallennium tour slouches toward the Triangle on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at The Ritz Theater in Raleigh. Call 834-4000 for details.

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