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Everyone's angry; Donate a co-op sponsorship


Everyone's angry

After publishing your article "The Angry White Man Problem" (Feb. 18), are you perhaps planning a series? The second installment could be Angry Latino Problem. Then Angry Black Women Problem. Or the ever popular Angry Progressives Problem.

Actually, the last one doesn't belong there, because it would be fair comment and does not slander a race or gender.

I am astonished that your "progressive" paper would publish such a hateful and stereotypical view of a racial and gender group. Does not progressivism stand for judging each person as an individual without assuming certain traits because of skin color or genitals??

Think for a minute. The Carolina Journal publishes an article on Angry Asian Women Problem in connection with recent killings. The uproar. The outrage. The condemnations. The ridicule. Think for a minute.

Dick Ford, Durham

Donate a co-op sponsorship

I just read "Working to Eliminate Food Deserts in Southeast Raleigh" about Erin Byrd's Fertile Ground Food Co-op (Citizen Awards, Feb. 25).

Since co-op memberships cost $100, and only 105 people have signed up, I wonder if Ms. Byrd can find a way to let non-downtowners who have $100 purchase memberships for someone who lives downtown and could use the co-op. I bet many people would like to donate a membership to help folks who don't have a grocery store.

Marlene Debo, Raleigh

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