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Former U.S. Senator John Edwards, the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, now acknowledges that he made a mistake by voting to give President Bush the authority to invade Iraq.

How do we know this? We got it straight from his wife, Elizabeth, who passed along that information in a note posted on the OrangePolitics.org blog last Friday.

Elizabeth, picking up on an old thread that started in February with the news that she and John were building a house in Orange County, was trying to "clear some things up for those posting or lurking," including answering a critic who wanted to know why they hadn't registered to vote there yet.

The reason, she wrote, is because the new house isn't finished, and while the Edwardses are renting a home in Chapel Hill in the interim (convenient to John's post at UNC-CH), they still maintain their Raleigh home as their primary residence--and they voted last month in Raleigh, helping some "progressive, family-friendly candidates" win office, Elizabeth said.

That calmed most of those making comments, and many took the opportunity to welcome the Edwardses to town and say they hoped to see them on the lawn at Weaver Street Market.

Anything else? Well, Mark Marcoplos, the builder-writer, had sniped that the Edwardses "should live in Fallujah [Iraq] for about a year and then report back to us on the lovely little war he supports."

"John has said that the war was wrong and that his vote for the war was wrong," she wrote. "His taking responsibility for that vote, his direct statement that he was wrong (instead of watering it down with excuses) makes me very proud of him."

Well, that was news to at least two subsequent posters--Marcoplos and me. When had he said such a thing? I know he's criticized the handling of the war--who hasn't? But admitted his vote was a mistake?

Elizabeth replied that he'd said it to a reporter who was in Chapel Hill earlier last week for the launch of John's newest anti-poverty effort, the campus-based "Opportunity Rocks" tour.

Uh, oh. I was there--how'd I miss that?

I tried to get John on the phone for two days, but his spokeswoman, Kim Rubey, said the "Rocks" tour was keeping him occupied, and he just didn't have time for the "in-depth discussion" the subject of the war requires.

We're supposed to talk about his anti-poverty work when John returns to Chapel Hill (Raleigh?). So now we'll have a second topic, I guess.

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