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Eight Days a Week

The daily guide to life in the Triangle

The Take
Colony Theater

Last chance to see Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein document Argentinian workers' backlash against globalization after the county's economic collapse. Also starring corporate greed, indifferent politicians, rigged courts and, of course, the International Monetary Fund. 7 p.m./$7

7 Seconds
Cat's Cradle

The longest enduring, and probably best band to emerge from the Cali hardcore scene in the eighties, 7 Seconds epitomize the blitzkrieg pace and furious politics of the form, while to this day performing with a rabid intensity generally reserved for kids half lead singer Kevin Seconds' age. To see them perform their two-minute anthems--with Seconds' spastic stage theatrics and frequent crowd exhortations, underscored by a hyperactive hardcore rhythm--is to understand the allure. Champion and The Briggs open. 8pm/$10--Chris Parker

Can Joann
Bickett Gallery

Combined descendents of The Kinks hip-popping rock, Weezer white-boy moaning and Big Star's fuzzy power-pop affection, Can Joann sticks like bubble gum and bounces like rubber soles. Writing friendly songs about unfriendly life and its tough-luck chances, these Chapel Hill lads probably sound like a lot of things you love and very few you probably hate. 10 p.m. Polynya opens. --Grayson Currin

Beautiful Mutants
Temple Ball

The visual art of Devo founder and soundtrack czar (The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Welcome to Collinwood, and Rugrats The Movie) Mark Mothersbaugh covers the walls of Temple Ball Gallery this month with an opening reception Friday from 7 p.m. The show is, as MM puts it, "Images pulled from man's past, then corrected into sickeningly beautiful beings." Strange Photo manipulations & illustrations and archival prints, photos and so on. mHead spinning stuff, but no word yet on an appearance by the artists.

Chapel Hill
Dexter Romweber, Chrome Plated Apostles, Cardinal Family Singers
Local 506

Dexter's renowned status as an early rock-roots figurehead finally reaches further outside this area, thanks tips of the hat from folks like Jack White and the exposure of his new duo. But nothing beats seeing him in familiar surroundings with locals like the bristly Apostles. 10 p.m. --Chris Toenes

Mel Levine

UNC professor and innovative thinker Mel Levine reads from his new book, Ready or Not Here Life Comes, at 11 a.m. A look at what happens to "start-up adults" Levine examines the gulf between how we educate our children and what's essential for a fulfilling work life as an adult. Hint: rote memorization doesn't pay off as much as learning critical thinking or problem solving.

Dierks Bentley, Jedd Hughes
Lincoln Theatre

Not unlike the so-called "new traditionalist" period of the 1980s (showcasing artists ranging from the O'Kanes and Randy Travis to Dwight Yoakam and Keith Whitley), there seem to be more and more commercially successful country singers around who've actually removed the cellophane from a CD by Merle Haggard or Bill Monroe. Even with only one release under his belt, Dierks Bentley has positioned himself near the front of this new new traditionalist pack. 8 p.m./$20--Rick Cornell

Alejandra Dorado
Rebus Works

Bolivian multi-media artist Alejandra Dorado is spending a week in Raleigh preparing for her installation La Imagen Amable de mi Misma or A Kind of Image of Myself at Rebus Works (301-2 Kinsey Street).Iconographic imagery exploring issues of self, cultural martyrdom, worship, the body, history and the role of women. The opening runs 2-5 p.m. Sunday with a gallery talk scheduled for Saturday, March 19 at 4 p.m.

Chapel Hill
I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House
Local 506

This Portland, Oregon, band uncovers the Northwest in Southern rock, with a loud-guitar, smart-rowdy attack that should appeal to Drive-By Trucker fans. The Lickers (well, what nickname would you give them?) were also deemed worthy of appearing on last year's Young Fresh Fellows tribute, covering "Hillbilly Drummer Girl," which is high praise indeed. Pleasant and Amy Miles open.10 p.m./$7--Rick Cornell

Chapel Hill
Menomena, Pit Er Pat
Local 506

With Portland's Menomena and Chicago's Pit Er Pat splitting a Tuesday night 506 bill, the theme should be "More Adventurous." Both bands help constitute the more exploratory half of the oft-unstable, cheese-prone catchy indie domain, and they do it with flair. Menomena drives a hard jazz line into immaculately constructed anthems, scattering acid piano, guitar, tuba and sax solos across verses and hooks. With Pit Er Pat, organs move feet and preconceptions alike. 9 p.m./$7--Grayson Currin

Wednesday next
Indigo Girls
Disco Rodeo

The fluid and fervent acoustics of The Indigo Girls and the tin-can aesthetic of Disco Rodeo may seem like an odd fit, but don't let that stop you. Gorgeous, bold and often visceral. the sound of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers has always been its own little revolution, always worth your $25. The Great Unknowns open. 8 p.m./$25--Grayson Currin

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