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raleigh Karate, Chris Brokaw kings --Geoff Farina has led his post-rock trio Karate for more than a dozen years, staking out a jazzy soft-sell of shifting time signatures, understated and slowly mutating guitar figures and oblique lyrics. Not as starched and windowless as some post-rock acts, they're more like Tortoise with a lingering Fugazi fascination. Chris Brokaw was Come's guitarist, Codeine's drummer and an ever-popular sideman (Consonant, Evan Dando). Solo, his work has focused on cinematic instrumentals of languid intensity that paint colorful tapestries with a bit of noir-twang and slow-burn Americana-inflected singer/songwriter ballads. --CP carrboro El Vez for Prez cat's cradle --L.A. art museum curator Robert Lopez created El Vez in 1988 for the museum's exhibition of Elvis-related folk art. By the time he took his act to Memphis to perform at Weep Week, the anniversary of Elvis's death, he had attracted enough media attention to do it as a career. But the Mexican Elvis is more than a mere tribute artist. He has a message: pride. ³The idea is that El Vez is the blank Elvis--he's the Muslim, African American, gay, straight, whatever you want to fill in there,² Lopez says. ³I think it's an idea of taking your culture or your heritages or you and putting it onstage in a celebration of song and dance and show.² --GB

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