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raleigh Bangarra Dance Theatre Stewart Theatre, ncsu-- One might argue that, through aboriginal tradition, Bangarra goes back a good 40,000 years, which isn't too bad for a contemporary dance troupe. After 40 plus millennia hanging around Australia, the group travels to Raleigh where it presents Bush, a show hailed by The Australian as a ³blend of physical poetry, reptilian spinal manipulation, and sinewy lines.² The reptile-spined action starts at 8 p.m. 515-1100. --RN The Silos the pour house-- Cross a Bob with a Vulgar Boatman and you get a Silo to put weird musical stuff in. Under former VB Walter Salas-Humara's direction, the group did roots, not funny, which may have been the reason ex-Bob Bob Rupe left in '91. Producing a sound somewhere between the Velvet Underground and REM, Salas-Humara also brought in some country influences from his side project the Setters with Alejandro Escovedo. The band's latest release on Dualtone, When the Phone Rings, returns violinist Mary Rowell to the fold, but the group remains Bobless. --GB

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