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Eating in Traffic: Welcome to Our Dish Special Issue on All Things Food Truck


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In 2010, I wrote the INDY's first Dish feature on food trucks. A lot has changed since then, and a few of my favorite trucks don't exist anymore. I can still taste the burst of fennel seed in Thao Beck's meatloaf sandwich from Mom's Delicious Dishes. My one long summer as a nanny was fueled by the cold hemp and lucuma milk at Carrboro Raw, a juice truck inspired by owner Nice Pulido's Brazilian upbringing. And the most amazing chorizo quesadilla in Durham came from the folks at Tacorriendo Lopez. These flavors will forever be tucked into the archives of my food nostalgia.

And that's the nature of the mobile food business. It's as fluid as it is growing. Back in 2010, Brian Bottger of Only Burger organized the first Bull City Street Food Vendor Rodeo. Now trucks are corralled all over the Triangle. Durham County alone is home to more than 136 mobile food units, just trailing Mecklenburg County for the most in the state.

This Dish issue features our ten favorite trucks today and a full review of the newest truck, Brinehaus, by our restaurant critic, Emma Laperruque. We also introduce (or reintroduce if you're no stranger) some of the folks fueling our food truck scene, and what it means to keep at it—even after nearly a decade.

—Victoria Bouloubasis


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