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Dynamic Charter story needed more nuance


Dynamic Charter story needed more nuance

Your article "The dragon fights back," (April 8) is mere yellow journalism. Why use the word "segregation," coupled with a picture of a broken pencil with the words "CLASS STRUGGLE" written on it?

Billy Ball implies that separate schools for developmentally disabled children compare to Jim Crow laws, but this simply isn't the case. If you have a child (or have been a student yourself) in a North Carolina public school, you know that the one-size-fits-all mentality poses a challenge to even the brightest students.

Vicki Smith makes a valid point when she argues that disabled students should be integrated into society as much as possible. But don't parents and students deserve a choice? And what if separate schools are part of the process to eventual integration?

Overall, I don't like the picture Ball's article paints, and I don't think it is productive to dramatize the struggles of a charter school for developmentally disabled people. The segregation situation isn't what's interesting or important here. What Ball should have talked about is how the N.C. School Board's cursory judgments somehow mean more than parent and student testimonials.

As an alternative newspaper with substantial clout in the Triangle, it would have been nice to see a less hegemonic viewpoint regarding Dynamic's situation.

C. Nicole Daussin, Apex

Carol Adrian Younkin's letter concerning her son was very sad (Back Talk, April 15). She links multiple problems to "they" failures, meaning government making decisions. She links "I" to success, meaning when she took charge her son had the best education. Unfortunately with pervasive, ineffective, inefficient and corrupt government in our health care, retirement, education, religion, work places etc., this letter will continue to be written by many others.

When we allow government to tell us our rights we lose sight of our responsibilities and turn our family responsibilities over to the government. If our President and all Congressional leaders are mocking a candidate and that candidate supports less government (starting with individual school choice and the elimination of U.S. Department of Education) and stresses personal responsibilities please remember Carol's letter and take a long look at them.

Terry Duff, Garner

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