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Durham Earth Day Festival

When: Sun., April 22, 12-5 p.m. 2012

When I was 10 years old, it was the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, and every other commercial and TV show let us know that. It actually made me a wee bit bitter about the environment. I was young and didn't need to be told to save it, and I didn't appreciate that Captain Planet cartoon being forced down my throat.

Anyway, 22 years later, I'm living in righteous paranoia about our warmest winter ever and questioning whether we will all bake to death in my lifetime, or if we'll just run out of oil without a viable alternative energy source and devolve into Road Warrior-esque chaos. I choose to deal with it the way I do all my worries—by focusing on the present and taking generic Zoloft.

I lament to the children recently born that we screwed up the Earth so badly, but then again, most of it was probably done by our parents and grandparents, so I say enjoy widespread electricity and air conditioning while you have it. But to the parents of today, I say it is still possible to affect change in the new generation, perhaps by taking them to Durham's Earth Day Festival in Central Park. There are all sorts of "green" activities and lessons, a Sustainability Expo and Earth Art Market, and food and live music and things, all presented by Durham Parks & Recreation and Keep Durham Beautiful.

Subtly indoctrinate your children now, and do stuff like recycling this newspaper, and perhaps we will be able to eke out another century or so of human civilization. Fail, and humanity will collapse, or Michael Bay will make a Captain Planet movie, which is pretty much the same thing. The free event runs from noon to 5 p.m. —Zack Smith

Price: Free

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