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Don't just sit there

Pet resources throughout the Triangle



You don't have to own a pet to be a friend to animals. Shelters and animal rescue services are constantly in need of volunteers and foster homes. Too busy? These organizations also need donations of money and supplies.

For a more complete listing, including animal rescues for specific dog breeds, visit .


  • Best Friend Pet Adoption: Shelter that holds regular adopt-a-thons to provide an owner to the local dogs and cats under their care.
  • New Beginnings: Organization facilitating adoption of stray and homeless dogs.
  • Palisades Animal Rescue: Group specializing in cat and kitten adoption.
  • Second Chance Pet Adoptions: Shelter for stray and homeless cats and dogs that provides educational programs and services. www.second

    Chapel Hill

  • Orange County Animal Shelter: Shelter for dogs, cats and other homeless pets in the Orange County area. NC340.html
  • Piedmont Wildlife Center: Organization that rehabilitates and restores local wildlife.


  • Animal Protection Society of Durham: Shelter that cares for more than 6,000 dogs, cats and kittens each year.
  • Independent Animal Rescue: Shelter that provides medical attention and adoption services.


  • Feral Cat Friends: Organization that offers food, shelter and spaying/neutering to wild cats. It also offers adoption options to adoptable cats.


  • Chatham Animal Rescue and Education: Formerly the Chatham Humane Society, Chatham Animal Rescue uses foster homes to house homeless pets until a more permanent home can be found. www.chathamanimal
  • Creature Coalition: Shelter that also has an animal sanctuary for unadoptable pets and a retirement home for older pets whose owners no longer can take care of them.


  • AnimalKind: Organization that educates owners about spaying/neutering pets and overpopulation problems.
  • Big Paws Dog Rescue: Shelter and adoption center exclusively for big breed dogs.
  • C.A.R.E. for Animals: Organization that rescues animals from local shelters and places them in foster care until they are adopted. animals.html
  • Justice for Animals: Advocacy group that works through the legal system to strengthen animal protection laws and end cruelty to animals. www.justice
  • Operation Catnip: Organization that helps control the cat population by capturing, spaying/neutering and returning feral cats to the wild.
  • Raleigh Rodent Rescue: Shelter specializing in the care and adoption of rats, hamsters and mice.
  • SAFE Haven for Cats: No-kill shelter specializing in cats.
  • Snowflake Animal Rescue: Foster home service for cats and dogs with no fixed shelter location.
  • SPCA of Wake County: Shelter that promotes adoption of unwanted animals and provides owner education.
  • Wake County Animal Shelter: Shelter owned and operated by Wake County.

    Wake Forest

  • A New Leash on Life: Dog rescue organization that places stray or unwanted dogs with foster families until placed with a permanent home.
  • Saving Grace: Shelter that housebreaks animals and provides medical treatment.


  • Carolina Mobile Spay/Neuter: Mobile animal clinic that provides vaccines and spaying/neutering service.
  • Cyber Pet: Online service sponsored by the USDA to reunite lost pets with their owners through Internet ads.
  • SNAP-NC: Organization providing low-cost spaying/neutering to those needing financial assistance.

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