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Dog Days of Summer 2012

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Our cool companion, Kitty

Our cool companion was literally cool when we first met him camping out on our front porch on a freezing evening in February 2010. We were worried he was lost and unable to find his way back to his owner's house on the next block, so we called at about 9 p.m. to let her know that Kitty was sitting on our porch. She said he usually finds his way home when he gets hungry. However, he was still on the porch at 2 in the morning. My wife took pity on him and put out a box lined with towels to make him more comfortable. Maybe this was part of Kitty's test to see how we treated him.

We didn't see Kitty much until the next summer when my wife and I were taking one of our usual evening walks around the church about a half-mile from our house. There was Kitty in the middle of the field. Surprisingly, he was quite happy to follow us back to his owner's house. When he got close to his house he ran out ahead of us, realizing he was back home.

Kitty must have figured that we were "good people," because in January he started using the kitty door installed by our home's previous owners to sleep in our garage. He started spending most of his time around our house, and we got to know Kitty much better. We found that he loves to be around us. While doing yard work, we can count on Kitty supervising. He is quite content to sit next to us and gaze into our eyes, listening to whatever we have to say.

Kitty also loves to walk with us. He figured out that we often go walking after dinner. We might see him in the garage when we get our shoes, but by the time we are on the front porch, he has gone out the back door of the garage and is waiting in the drive. We would open the garage door with the remote and give him some food in an attempt to keep him busy in the garage, but that would not hold his attention. Once the garage door started down he would do his Indiana Jones impersonation and dive under the closing door to make sure he didn't miss walking with us. He follows us for blocks.

For a while his owner still took him to the vet, but each time after they returned Kitty would rush back to our house. Kitty made it clear he wanted to stay with us. So this February we talked with his owner and agreed to adopt him. We are very thankful to our neighbor for bringing Kitty into our lives.

My wife and I often find ourselves checking our porch and garage before we go to bed to make sure that Kitty is OK, and to spend some time with our cool companion.

William Cohen, Cary


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