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Dog Days of Summer 2007

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People might call the Dog Days of Summer a fluff story: It's all about our pets. But if you've ever rescued a feather-light abandoned cat from the side of a country road ("The Story of Croc") or said goodbye to a canine long-term companion with bone cancer ("Max, Master of Infinite Hope"), you know our animal companions aren't just fluffy.

Along with the heart-wrenching stories, this issue has heart-warming ones as well. You'll read about "Sullivan, Dog of Inference," "The Turtle Who Fell to Earth" and others. Since we never have enough room to print all the wonderful stories we receive, here on our Web site you can read more readers' tales, including Kalbee Jane, aka Pooka Bear; Samantha, the Closet Cat; and many more. Also check out this week's Up Front and News sections ("No-kill shelters defend practices," "Use of gassing challenged," "Work together to end euthanasia," "Coalition to Unchain Dogs") for more animal stories.

Every year in this issue, we meet some of the Triangle's best-loved denizens, and we see its citizens on some of their best behavior. There's nothing like a pet's true love.


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