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Did you know?

  • The average family size in Zebulon is 3.09 persons.
  • The cost of a Super Bowl ad jumped by 7 percent in 2004 to $2.25 million for a 30-second spot.
  • The GDP of Hungary and Mexico are within three-tenths of each other!!!!
  • Hummingbirds start returning to the Triangle in mid-May.
  • Because the track is old and thin, the train that carries coal from freight yards in Durham to the UNC power plant in Chapel Hill can only travel 10 miles per hour for most of the trip.
  • Flotsam is the wreckage or cargo after a shipwreck. Jetsam is cargo or equipment thrown overboard by a ship in distress.
  • Average wind speed at Raleigh Durham Airport in April 2004 was 5.2 miles per hour.
  • Car A, traveling at 50 miles per hour, will only be passed by Car B, traveling at 60 miles per hour, if they are on the same road going the same direction at roughly the same time, and the driver of Car B feels like it.
  • If you want to go to RDU via TTA, you have to go to RTP first.

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