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Dickie Cox and Mike Richison: Go Play

When: July 21-Aug. 4 2017

When you were a kid, you used to go out and play with your friends. Eventually that turned into the less activity-oriented "hanging out with friends," and finally, it became as virtual as it was real. Physical proximity was no longer a prerequisite for shared experience. Against this trajectory, New Jersey-based artist-technologists Dickie Cox and Mike Richison will install an array of interactive experiences at SPECTRE Arts in Go Play: Mixed Reality, Abstraction, and the Interpersonal, which runs through August 4 after its Third Friday opening. Visitors will affect columns of light by moving their bodies and making sounds, use their phones to play an augmented-reality game, and become a component in a musical instrument in which turntables stand in for a player piano. If this sounds like escapism, it's not intended to be. The light columns require visitors to interact with one another; the game runs according to spontaneous, user-established rules; and the musical instrument draws upon a low-tech "score" of stacked Styrofoam. The artists are attentively exploring the crash of behaviors and current technologies, rather than presenting them as a self-justified, context-less end. —Chris Vitiello

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