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Dice and Decisions: The Art of Role Playing Games with Jason Morningstar

When: Sat., Jan. 16, 3 p.m. 2016



SOUTHWEST REGIONAL LIBRARY—Tabletop role-playing games in the lineage of Dungeons & Dragons used to be considered the exclusive province of die-hard nerds. But as "geek culture" blends more and more with the mainstream, intricate board games gain popularity and online life acclimates us all to playing virtual roles. Breaking out the graph paper for some fantasy adventuring no longer seems like such an obscure concern. Even if you don't know a Halfling mage from a chaotic-good Paladin, the underlying systems of role-playing games are fascinating in how they model reality—as a brute clash of statistics modulated by the rogue element of chance. In an interactive talk at the Durham Public Library, award-winning game designer Jason Morningstar of Chapel Hill's Bully Pulpit Games reveals how a pen-and-paper world is built and what makes it so immersive. And if you think role-playing is all wizards and warriors, think again: Morningstar has created games about female Soviet pilots in World War II (Night Witches) and crime gone wrong in the manner of Blood Simple or Fargo (Fiasco). His work demonstrates how, like in comics and fantasy fiction, role-playing has broadened to include something for everyone. The event is coordinated with the library's newly expanded game collection, so you'll be well informed to choose something to take home without it being a complete roll of the 12-sided dice. 3 p.m., free, 3605 Shannon Road, Durham, 919-560-8590, www.durhamcountylibrary.org. —Brian Howe

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