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Desert Island Discs

Michael Rank


Living beneath the bridge between iconic and iconoclastic, Michael Rank's followed his own muse wherever it's led, and let me tell ya', it gets around. Along the way he's demonstrated an unrepentant love of '70s guitar and Thunders-styled theatrics, which he's exercised in albums by Snatches of Pink, Clarissa, and his new outfit, Marat. Keep an eye out for new albums by Snatches (in stores) and Marat (out soon).

1. Iggy Pop & James Williamson --Kill City: "All the native boys on the island would have preferred if I had brought Raw Power, but I knew the ladies would be feeling Kill City. A platinum post-Stooge with a Gestapo keef on guitar. Johanna!!!"

2. Aerosmith--Rocks: "1976, but it's tasting 1977. Blueprints for decay. The true lizard kings. Got to the island and realized Stones' Some Girls was accidentally in the Rocks sleeve. Tits for tats."

3. Funkadelic--Maggot Brain: "I love fucking Parliament, too, but Funkadelic was the rock band. If I could only have brought one song to this exile island it would have been 'You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks'. Hit it and quit it, motherfuckers!"

4. Royal Trux--Thank You:"The drugs all got confiscated on the raft? They shoulda looked harder. Royal Fucking Trux!!!"

5. Sisters Of Mercy--The Reptile House EP: "If I had been stranded in any other locale, this slot woulda been Dolls and Dead Boys, Thunders and Stivs, but the past couple of years I started doing a lot of goth at the beach. Very, very cool. And undead."

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