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Desert Island Discs

Which albums would you take to a desert island?


Painter/graphic artist/singer Ron Liberti adds another threat to the arsenal, slinging a six-string in new area pop-rock quartet, Bringerer. Liberti got his rock start in 1992 with the band Pipe, and continues his relationship with 'replacement guitarist' Clifton Lee Mann in The Ghost of Rock.

1. Dion - Wonder Where I'm Bound. "Dion's folk record. This man sings like an angel. It'll sound great in the morning, lying on my hammock, sipping coconut tea."

2. The Who - The Who sing My Generation. "This will go well with my early afternoon 'workout.' This album makes me happy and fulfills my daily musical and nutritional needs."

3. Guided By Voices - Under The Bushes, Under The Stars. "If The Who is the peanut butter, then GBV is the jelly, and I like PB&J. It's the bonus EP that really pushes this American classic over the edge for me. 'Big Boring Wedding' and 'Drag Days,' enough said!"

4. The Mountain Goats - Ghana. "I'm like, totally addicted to The Mountain Goats. I need some everyday. I could've picked any of his records but this singles comp is nice and long, and includes one of my favorite cuts, 'Going to Port Washington.'"

5. Ramones - S/T. "This one changed everything. I never leave home without it. I'm picturing kids from the other side of the island have come over for a bonfire, we're partying and what not, the next thing you know someone wants to hear some good old-fashioned American punk rock! Well here you go!"

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