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Desert Island Discs

Johnny Dzubak of Leadfoot


Pennsylvania native Johnny Dzubak is a guitarist for eardrum-threatening power rawkers Leadfoot. But most likely you've caught this unrepentant metalhead's silly smirk and Rod Stewart/Ron Wood haircut at the Local 506, where he bartends and helps book acts. Quick with a joke or a light of your smoke, if there's someplace he'd rather be, it's probably drunk (by his own admission).

1. Junior Kimbrough--The Essentials. "The grooves to this record are the darkest I've ever heard. Evil never sounded so good."

2. Van Halen--Fair Warning. "This record always finds its way back to my CD player no matter how many times I listen to it. What can I say--Diamond Dave Rules!"

3. Jimi Hendrix--Band of Gypsys. "'Machine Gun'" alone could hold me for years. The guitar tones on this record are unfathomable."

4. The Faces--Good Boys While They're Asleep. "Since I wouldn't have alcohol on the island, this would take care of all the substance abuse."

5. Aerosmith--Rocks. "A little Joe Perry will go a long way toward easing any pain. There are so many cool tunes and arrangements--this record is their best."

Leadfoot play the Heard Together compilation release party Feb. 11 at the Local 506, and return to the 506 on Feb. 22.

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