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Desert Island Discs

Which albums would you take to a desert island?



Reid Johnson (ex-The AM) is singer/guitarist in Schooner. Their easy-going, hard-to-resist pop sensibilities and vaguely retro charms create an affinity with fellow Raleigh popsters The Rosebuds, with whom they shared drummer Billy Alphin (Ashley Stove) for a while. 1 Doolittle--The Pixies: ³Some will say Surfer Rosa while others will squabble about them continuously selling out until Trompe Le Monde, but this album makes me feel the most like I've just found out what music is, and the world is turned on its head revealing some kind of truth.²

2 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere--Neil Young and Crazy Horse: ³I listen to the title track and stay sane in some strange way, while the rest of the album is just like I like it, varying from distorted to twangy to beautiful to reckless. He's one of the only people I can listen to solo for more than two measures without feeling like it's just taking up space.²

3 Holiday--Magnetic Fields: ³Actually, this was the first one that popped in my head, mostly because of track 2, ³Desert Island.² I do feel, however, that if I have to be stranded anywhere, it better be with Steven Merritt in my brain.²

4 Sketches of Spain--Miles Davis: ³This album did for me that immediate bonding thing that you get with a favorite album, and its understated style and classical sense make it a different kind of jazz record. I've heard you either love it or hate it.²

5 Time Out of Mind--Bob Dylan: ³Dylan at his most introspective, weathered and wise. The arrangements and production are as tasteful as you'll ever get, and the songs stick in your head. This one will find you at your lowest, talk to you about it, and somehow leave you better off.²

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