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Desert Island Discs

Daniel Hart of Go Machine


Which albums would you take to a desert island?
Daniel Hart is a singer/guitarist in the Chapel Hill eclectic electro-art-pop act Go Machine, a violinist in symphonic popsters Polyphonic Spree, as well as occasionally playing solo shows. Creating a range of atmospheres from rustic folk to percolating electronic pop to spacey, experimental mood pieces and rumbling indie rock, Go Machine's aesthetic defies easy categorization.

1. Mos Def-- Black on Both Sides: "My first exposure to the social relevance and beauty of the modern NYC underground hip hop scene; it hit me like a ton of bricks. The record is passionate and raw, the lyrics political and personal, the music appropriate and original."

2. The Beatles--Revolver: "The record from which I've learned the most about how to create good music without fear. Listening to Revolver would help me write better songs (which is one of the only things I expect I'd do on a desert island)."

3. The Teeth--Send My Regards to the Sunshine: "Total crap production value, but the music has a combination of spirit, intensity and joy that I've found rare."

4. Ticonderoga--The Ticonderoga LP: "Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Plus, it'd remind me of home on those lonely desert island nights."

5. Soundtrack to Caravan (1970s Hindi film): "The sexiest moment in recorded history happens on "Piya Tu", when Asha Bhosle (who has one of the world's sexiest voices) breathes heavily, in rhythm with the music. It shouldn't even be legal to be that sexy."

Go Machine plays Friday, Oct. 8 at Bickett Gallery in Raleigh with Barbez and Phon; and Monday, Oct. 11 at Local 506 with VHS or Beta, Heartwood and The Bravery.

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