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Desert Island Discs

Ari Parker

Ari Picker plays guitar and sings for The Never (originally The b-sides), a Chapel Hill quartet who has an unusually broad palette that combines lush Beach Boy sonics, prog rock drama, and the melodics and attack of an indie pop band in the vein of Weezer.

Which albums would you take to a desert island?

1. Pink Floyd--Atom Heart Mother: "This record's symphonic mastery takes shape through pounding horns and eerie cello parts. Lyrics about being a better friend, nature, and uncertain love get me every time."

2. The Beach Boys--Smiley Smile: "This record scares the shit out of me. Enough said."

3. Danny Elfman--Soundtrack for Edward Scissorhands: "The most hauntingly beautiful piece ever written. God bless Danny Elfman."

4. Radiohead--Kid A : "I hated it at first, now I love it. Can I take The Bends and OK Computer with me too?"

5. E.L.O.--Eldorado: "This record is a pop masterpiece. I'm not too into the later disco stuff, but this was their first time with a 30-piece orchestra and 20-piece choir, and they use them!"

The Never play the Carrboro Music Festival at Cat's Cradle on Sunday, Sept. 26, and Sparklefest at Martin Steet Music Hall on Thursday, Oct. 7, and Six String Cafe on Friday, Oct. 8.

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