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Desert Island Discs

Sara DeBell

Which albums would you take to a desert island?

Sara Bell is the talented mult-instrumentalist and honey-throated siren who spent time in Dish and Angels of Epistemology, and now alternates between playing with Shark Quest and fronting Regina Hexaphone. Both have released new albums this year, Gods & Devils and Beautiful World, respectively.

1. Patti Smith--Radio Ethiopia: "I've been listening to it nonstop for like 20 years now and whatever is going on in my life or whatever I want to hear it always feels relevant and transcendent."

2. Bob Dylan--Desire: "Since this was on the last list I almost traded it in for The Boatman's Call by Nick Cave, but ultimately I couldn't because this truly is a record that would be hard to live without."

3. Rickie Lee Jones--Traffic From Paradise: "Rickie Lee Jones is the best writer and arranger. Heaven-climbing harmonies, everything so perfect, always something new revealing itself in her poetry. Great late at night when you have a long way to drive."

4. Black Heart Procession--2: "I want to be in this glass carnival world they create. This is a pretty new obsession but I am transfixed. Certain moments the lyrics catch you off guard, they are so beautiful."

5. The Otis Redding Story: "I'm cheating because this is a box set with three records, but this way you get all these great love songs. You could fall asleep under the stars listening to Otis sing, but you'd also be able to have a raunchy dance party, because I expect some good dance music would be very necessary on the desert island."

Shark Quest hosts their record release party on Friday, Sept. 3 at Local 506 with Des Ark and Billy Sugarfix; Regina Hexaphone plays an Independent-sponsored showcase Tuesday, Sept. 7 at Local 506 with International Orange and The Balance.

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