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Desert island discs

Which albums would you take to a desert island?

Singer/guitarist Greg Humphreys founded the jangly folk and power-pop act Dillon Fence around 1990, producing three albums and a couple EPs before breaking up in the mid-nineties and forming the bluesy, '70s soul & funk act Hobex. Dillon Fence has since reunited to support a remastered greatest hits album that features seven new songs.

1. Gram Parsons and The Fallen Angels - Live Radio Show: "My girlfriend turned me on to this on-air performance from the early seventies. I'm digging the raw mix, the band is kickin', and the Emmy Lou Harris/Gram harmonies are lovely."

2. Wilco -- Summer Teeth: "Just discovered this older album, enjoy the songwriting." Stop and Let the Devil Ride & Honky Tonk Blues: "Jimbo Mathus released these two great raw Mississippi blues records last year. As usual, he throws in a should-be classic country storytelling songlike 'gee-tar.' Great driving music."

5. Jennyanykind - Peas and Collards: "A moody, bluesy album with a groove (and a wink) from these guys. Real glad I heard it. Hot soup!"

Dillon Fence, Hobex & The Never play Cat's Cradle, Saturday, Aug. 7

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