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Derek Trucks Band

Joyful Noise


On his major label debut, Joyful Noise, for Columbia, Derek Trucks shows that he's ready to mix it up in the world market. Trucks, nephew of Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks, has long expressed an interest in and a fascination for Eastern music. The guitarist indulges his love for the music with his interpretation of the traditional Sufi chant, "Maki Madni," with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan nephew Rahat. He also delves into Latin music with "Kam A Lay," a song written by Reuben Blades and arranged by the band. But the highlight of this album comes from a lot closer to home. The engineer had just finished Solomon Burke's brilliant comeback effort, the aptly tiled Don't Give Up On Me, and was playing some tracks for Trucks' band. The group was so impressed that they got Burke to come in and recut his '63 hit, "Home In Your Heart."

The soul maestro rips into the tune with a power and range that belies his 63 years, as Trucks blazes away alongside sounding like a reincarnated Duane. Another high point is wife Susan Tedeschi's blazing rendition of Joe Tex's "Baby, You're Right."

Trucks said in a recent interview that he and his band "want people that are coming out to actually listen. It takes intelligent ears for there to be intelligent music and for music to move forward." With Trucks' no effects approach to guitar and ability to play effortlessly in a variety of genres, it's a safe bet that a lot of folks will be listening to what the guitarist has to say.

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