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Degeneration of youth


I wanted to commend Mr. Crowther for his article on the Duke lacrosse situation ("Sympathy for the Devils?"). What I really appreciated about this article is that it focused on the really important underlying issue here--the degeneration of our youth, college campuses and society in general. We could analyze the "facts" forever, but honestly, only a few people really know what happened the night of the alleged rape, and honestly, I doubt we'll ever know the "truth" ... but the one thing I do know is that there is a problem when you have people in leadership positions protecting and coddling people (athletes, coaches and others who are privileged) who commit crimes, break laws and have no regard for the lives and well-being of other people. The e-mail that surfaced from one of the players was outrageous. Regardless of his involvement in the alleged rape, a mind that works like this is downright disturbing.

Mr. Crowder did a fine job describing the issue. I think we should be prepared to continue seeing stories like this pop up until we really take a look at how we are raising our children, especially in terms of values, and make changes to ensure that kids know how to be kind and empathetic to others and live without a sense of entitlement. Only then can we expect a change for the positive in the stories that make front-page news.

Amy Ward
Chapel Hill

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