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Debbie Vair

Candidate for Wake County Board of Education District 1


Name as it appears on the ballot: Debbie Vair
Full legal name, if different: Deborah Ann Vair
Date of birth: 8-12-60
Home address: 2701 Enville Ct Wake Forest, NC 27587
Mailing address, if different from home:
Campaign Web site:
Occupation & employer: Membership and Promotions Director for The Granite Falls Swim And Athletic Club
Home phone:(919) 217-1090
Work phone:
E-mail: and

1) What are the specific needs of your school district that you will fight for if election to the board?

School Stability neighborhood schools. We need feeder patterns. When you move into your neighborhood families need to know where their children will begin K and graduate.

2) What is there in your record as a public official or other experience that demonstrates your ability to be effective on the council? This might include career or community service; but please be specific about its relevance to this office.

I have been active in the Florida and North Carolina PTA'S and have dedicated many years of service to the school systems of both states. In North Carolina I have been actively involved in the District 1 schools. I have served the past 2 years as PTA President of Sanford Creek Elementary. Involved with the PTSA. I have also been involved with the Rolesville Chamber of Commerce Education Committee. In Florida I served on the Calendar Advisory Council. I have been involved in the schools and PTA since my Children starts pre K. I am an advocate for Education and Preservation.

3) How do you define yourself politically and how does your political philosophy show itself in your past achievements and present campaign platform?

I am a parent not a politician. I am an involved parent in our schools and community. A firm believer that parental involvement shows our teachers and Children that we support a quality education!

4) Identify a principled stand you might be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters.

We need to stop wasteful spending! The Forest Ridge High school has been a misuse of funds from the start. We paid too much for the land. The overwhelming amount of granite, 7.4 million $ in road improvements. Due diligence has not been done by our School Board $10,000 of the Wake County Taxpayers money wasted on a report by Chicora that told us nothing. The School Board has said the Children can learn from this Cemetery. I say "how can you teach what you do not know"!

"The only thing new in this world is the History we don't know"

Harry S.Truman

5. What's your position on the issue of "neighborhood" schools and abandoning, or changing, current assignment policies that seek to balance student populations in every school ("diversity")?

We NEED neighborhood schools...Feeder patterns, school stability, parental involvement and CHOICE! What we have been doing is not working it is making things increasing harder on families.

6. To limit reassignments and busing distances, some local officials have advocated either splitting the Wake school district or else creating sub-districts with fixed boundaries within it. What's your reaction to these ideas?

I believe this is what our School Board needs are to try some new ideas! What we have been doing has not always what is best for all the Wake County Families.

7. Wake County's graduation rate hovers around 80 percent, meaning that of the students entering high school, about one in five doesn't finish within five years. That's better than the state average, but it isn't great. Should the district be doing more for at-risk students in the earlier grades and if so, what?

This is why it is so important to have feeder patterns. Children need stability! Building strong roots with teachers, parents, friends and neighborhoods from the day they start school is a great way to keep students in school. Parents that GET INVOLVED AND STAY INVOLVED in their Children's education make a difference. It needs to start in the elementary years and continue thru high school.

8. Are new programs needed to help dropouts return and finish high school?

Yes! I believe we need to get these students ready to go right from school to the work place. We need to have programs that help to educate the students who do not plan to go to college before they decide to drop out.

9. Does Wake County have enough schools and enough classrooms? If not, would you advocate speeding up the pace of new buildings and additions, even if tax hikes were required?

We need new schools! The taxpayers are taxed enough. We need to better allocate our funds.

10. Year-round schools are one way the county's kept school taxes low. Should more schools be made (or built to be) year-round? Should students be assigned to attend them?

It is no secret that Wake County needs more Schools. We need to build neighborhood schools. This is not only good for our Children and families. It is also good for our property values!

11. Magnet schools are a key element of current diversity policies, but they're expensive—and outlying areas of the county wonder why they can't have them too. What changes, if any, do you support in the way magnets are used?

We need Magnet schools it helps with diversity and also give families CHOICE!

12. Does every new high school need a football stadium? A theater? Are shared facilities an approach you'd support to save taxpayers money?

Our schools are built to last 50 years! High schools need their own facilities. I would like to see the money better allocated and stop wasteful spending!

13. The Wake Education Partnership's recent report, "Suspending Disbelief," describes a 21st century school system—quite unlike anything that exists in the U.S. today—that would equip students to succeed in a global economy. The report calls for a longer school year and far-reaching improvements in curriculum and assessment, none of which would be free. What, if anything, would you take from this report if elected?

I am all in favor of a higher standard of education one that will afford students opportunity to compete globally. But... at what cost the idea of an extended school days in year round schools will make it increasing harder on families to spend quality time together. This is important in raising successful well rounded young adults.

14. What question(s) haven't we asked—and what's your answers?

Why am I running for the Wake County School Board District 1 seat?

I would like to see positive change for the taxpayers of Wake County!

Together we can make all of our schools premier schools. ALL Children deserve a quality education!

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