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Cut the rug



It's time to replace your carpet. Maybe it's threadbare. Or the cats peed on it. Or you've realized the '70s orange shag actually looks like spaghetti. Wait, that is spaghetti, there, behind the beanbag chair.

Rather than send it to the landfill—where 5 billion pounds of carpet went in 2003—recycle it. The nonprofit Carpet America Recovery Effort promotes recycling businesses, and as a result, more than 240 million pounds of carpet were diverted from landfills last year. It can be recycled into geohay, used at construction sites, and reused as roofing shingles, tile board and other items.

Because of the price of separating carpet's many components, recycling costs about 5 to 25 cents per pound. Contact your carpet dealer or the Foam Recycling Center in Raleigh, 452-8070 or

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