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Craig David

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Craig David was making a buzz in London as an 18-year-old recording artist who became the youngest male in Britain to score a No. 1 hit with the smash single, "Fill Me In." It wasn't long before David's debut CD, Born To Do It, became the toast of Britain and the world, earning certified gold and platinum status in 20 countries.Now that the 19-year-old gifted singer-songwriter's debut CD has finally landed in the states, the response is still the same. Simply put, Born To Do It is arguably the best R&B product to ever come out of London (sorry, Loose Ends). Produced mostly by Mark Hill of the Artful Dodger duo, David skillfully mixes a serious blend of U. S.-influenced R&B and hip hop with British dance music while laying down poetic, soulful lyrics that boast a skill and maturity that defies his age. David reaches you from the outset with his first cut, "Fill Me In," and never lets down. Armed with tales of seduction ("Follow Me") to the upbeat ("Fill Me In, Part 2"), then shedding life's everyday problems ("Walking Away") David masterfully weaves story after story in an impressive fashion over clever string and keyboard arrangements and sexy beats. Born To Do It is definitely a must-buy CD, the kind that you play when you're alone with that special someone and there isn't much need for conversation but rather for vibing. Just put on David's CD and let him take control. Just like the title, it's obvious he was born to do it.
----gabriel m. rich

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