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"Cosmic Hide & Seek: Tracking Missing & Invisible Matter in the Universe"

When: Thu., April 7, 7-9 p.m. 2011

For the past few decades, "dark matter" has been one of the most confounding puzzles in cosmology. Astronomers studying the effects of gravity on galaxies, galaxy groups and the background radiation left over from the Big Bang have concluded there must be much more matter in the universe than we can see with our eyes and instruments. This invisible matter is thought to comprise some 80 percent of the mass in the universe. But...where is it? (Yes, they've checked behind the couch cushions.)

UNC professor Sheila Kannappan's lecture, "Cosmic Hide & Seek: Tracking Missing and Invisible Matter in the Universe," will touch on some of the more esoteric known hiding places, including tiny galaxies and huge intergalactic rivers of gas. Kannappan is currently conducting the first comprehensive survey of a nearby region of the universe, taking census of a 53,000-cubic-megaparsec swath of space. Fortunately for the investigators, this census will not involve house calls. The lecture runs 7–9 p.m., and admission is $10. —Marc Maximov

Price: $10

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