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Corey D. Branch

Raleigh - Mayor and City Council


Name as it appears on the ballot: Corey D. Branch

Party affiliation, if any: Democrat

Campaign website:

Occupation & Employer: Network Manager – AT&T

Years lived in NC: 33

Given the current direction of Raleigh city government, would you say things are generally on the right course? If not, what are the specific, major changes you will advocate if elected?

The City is heading in a positive direction at this time, but must continue to be mindful of spending and ensuring that we serve all citizens and their needs.

If you are a candidate for a district seat, please identity your priorities for improvements in the district if you're elected.

First we must focus on economic development and supporting the businesses currently in place. While at the same time we citizen involvement in decision making will strengthen the city as a whole so that we can enhance opportunities for youth development through programming.

What in your record as a public official or other experience demonstrates your ability to be effective as a member of City Council? If you've identified specific issues above, what in your record has prepared you to be an effective advocate for them?

As president of three civic organizations, I understand collaboration and working through challenges. I have worked with youth over the past 12 years as a mentor and the knowledge gain will aid me in continuing to be an advocate for the youth.

How do you identify yourself to others in terms of your political philosophy? For example, do you tell people you're a conservative, a progressive, a libertarian, or what?

Progressive – we have to be forward thinking

The Independent's mission is to help build a just community in the Triangle. If elected, how will your service in office help further that goal?

First I will bring together the leaders of different organization with in the local community so that we all understand the direction and so that I can understand the needs of each.

Please address the following major issues in Raleigh:

Is the city's debt load too high? Or does the fact that Raleigh retains its AAA bond rating indicate that the debt load is manageable for our city our size?

Currently the city debt is just right, we have to spend money for progress to be made. We have to ensure that we are spending the money wisely to maintain our AAA bond rating.

Is the property tax rate too high? Too low? Or about right?

Just right for now

The proposed Clarence Lightner Public Safety Center is stalled. Should it be built? If not, what should be done to meet the city's facility needs for police, fire and emergency operations?

We need to revisit the project with our leaders within police, fire, and emergency operations to ensure we build a resource that meets everyone's needs. A public safety center should be built in some form.

What other major capital projects, if any, do you want the city to undertake in the coming years?

Build more teen centers and enhance our parks

Do you support the transit plan for Raleigh and Wake County developed by Triangle Transit and the committee of Wake mayors? Do you support taking the 1/2-cent sales tax for transit to Wake County voters in the next two years? If its on the ballot, do you expect to support or oppose its passage?

Yes, yes, and I would support

Raleigh has two bond issues on the ballot in October, one for transportation projects and the second for affordable housing. Do you favor or oppose their passage?

I favor both

With the state hospital closing, what is your vision for the 306-acre Dorothea Dix tract? Should it all be a destination park someday? Should development be allowed on part or all of it

It should be a destination park

Regarding the health insurance benefit provided to city employees, should elective abortions be included or excluded for coverage? Please explain your answer.

The employees should have this as an option within one of their health care options, so if the employee wants to pay for that options they can.

Regarding health insurance and other benefits provided to city employees, should the partners of LGBT employees be offered the same access to benefits as married spouses?


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