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Contribute to the historical hive mind on Open Durham



Instead of scrolling through status updates on Facebook, get lost in the online world of Open Durham, a blog created by Gary Kueber.

A "highly interlinked archive/inventory of information about people, places and history" in the Bull City, Open Durham features poignant photos—black and white and color—of bygone days: buildings that have since been demolished, renovated or fallen into disrepair.

What was Hayti like before "urban renewal"? Where are the five remaining Lustron homes? What is the history of RDU International Airport? Where were the neighborhood grocery stores?

Kueber's online tour, which includes neighborhoods, cigarette factories, churches, etc., provides important context and information, plus it invites the community to contribute to the historical hive mind.

To contribute content to Open Durham, click on the About link on the home page. You'll find instructions on creating an account and uploading photos and key information to the site.

An hour on Open Durham will connect you to your city in new ways—a better time investment than scrolling photos of your friends' breakfasts on Facebook.

This article appeared in print with the headline "Open wide."

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