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Connection, not consumption

According to a poll commissioned by the Center for a New American Dream in Tacoma Park, Md.: "In the aftermath of 9/11, Americans are looking to their friends, family and community for strength and support" this holiday season. The study indicates that "connection, not consumption, will be foremost in Americans' minds this time, and that overspending and debt are huge concerns in the face of an uncertain economy."

Among the poll's findings:

63 percent plan to make this holiday season more meaningful than ever as a result of Sept. 11.

70 percent want to help the economy, but are concerned about spending too much or going into debt.

Only 8 percent think we should use this holiday season as an opportunity to stimulate the economy.

85 percent think we should use this holiday season to focus on friends, family and meaning.

49 percent plan to spend more time with friends and family as a result of Sept. 11.

26 percent plan to give more personal or meaningful gifts.

21 percent plan to buy fewer or less expensive gifts.

21 percent intend to get more involved with their faith community.

19 percent are planning to reduce their credit card use.

Only 3 percent plan to buy more or more expensive gifts.

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