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Comments wrong

While I understand and appreciate the anger and frustration in the Durham community regarding the current accusations against the Duke lacrosse team, I must take issue with several comments reported in your March 29 issue ("Meanwhile, at N.C. Central").

The statements of the two NCCU students to Carl Kenney have no basis in reality. If something like this happened in reverse, the school would certainly not be shut down and the entire team would not be arrested. CNN is on campus and every newspaper in the country has been running the story.

In addition, no one assumes that Duke is a "better" school than NCCU because of racial makeup. Rather, multiple sources rank Duke University among the top five schools in the United States because of academic credentials.

How can anyone claim that there would be more outrage had this happened at NCCU? There have been marches, demonstrations and protests (while no charges have yet to be filed by the Durham PD, by the way). How much more outrage should be expected?

Hyperbole is out of control in this situation. Let's stick with the facts at hand.

Rick Overholt


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