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Coffee, Mexican Brunch, and Mother's Day: The Triangle's Best Food Events



In late April, Weekend—the aptly named, seasonal coffee shop that the cold-brew magnates of Slingshot run from their downtown Raleigh headquarters—announced it wouldn't open this year. Jenny and Jonathan Bonchak have continued to ramp up production for their bottled-and-boxed goods, meaning that weekends of pour-overs and fresh pastries no longer seemed sustainable.

Still, Weekend won't be entirely silent this year. On Saturday, May 7, Slingshot will partner with Centro for an on-site, ticketed brunch at ten a.m. It's a fundraiser for The Beehive Collective, which funds several nonprofit projects each year. The menu features all of Weekend's offerings, sweet-and-savory corn pancakes, and sausage chilaquiles. Centro and Slingshot will collaborate for a horchata concoction, too. If you don't get a $25 ticket, Slingshot will offer its drinks beginning at nine a.m., anyway. Who knows the next time you'll get a Weekend? (www. For more, see


With the arrival of Mother's Day, Sunday is one of the busiest restaurant days of the year, with overflowing seating charts and waitlists. Southern Season's cooking school in Chapel Hill offers a not-so-standard option this year, as your brunch becomes the basis of a cooking demonstration by the staff. From mimosas and crepes to pastries and poached eggs, the menu's a full one. Speaking of Southern Season and families, the school hosts a class for kids on Saturday, May 7, focused on strawberries. Pre-teens will learn to bake with them, turn them into drinks, and hear stories about the state's favorite seasonal sweet.

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