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The communal culture established through live music and dance is a thread that weaves and binds communities, sometimes even defining them. From Mayberry-style front porch hootenannies (check out David Potorti's article on old-time music venues) to a dizzying assortment of Latin sounds (read Sylvia Pfeiffenberger's piece to discover the differences between salsa, meringue and bachata), the Triangle's musical palette boasts vivid, varied hues. If you're a fan of garage rock, punk or good old rock 'n' roll, read about Local 506 owners Dave Robertson and Monica Swisher, who've spent almost a decade turning their Chapel Hill club into a hangout for musicians and the garage-rock crowd. And rap neophytes, check out Gabriel's Rich's article: You may be surprised to find out that Big Daddy Kane is now a local, or that you can find places to seriously shake your butt to anything from hip hop and R&B to techno and house. Gavin O'Hara resurrects and reinvents a tradition from Days of Indy Past: the Musical Makeover. And Taylor Sisk tackles some disturbing trends in law enforcement as they pertain to techno venues and rave events: Are promoters and club owners responsible if their clientele gets their chemical groove on, so to speak? Finally, laugh it up with "Evil Kevin" Dixon's dead-on take of rock chicks on the rampage. Enjoy.

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