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Clean Water for North Carolina is a science-based environmental justice nonprofit organization with a long-term focus on environmental health and justice, protecting wells, and safe and affordable water for NC residents. The group's mission is to promote clean, safe water and environments and empowered, just communities for all North Carolinians through community organizing, education, advocacy and technical assistance. Recent campaigns include ongoing work to keep NC frack-free and exposing the injustices of water privatization.

Working with NC communities for safe, affordable water and justice:
Many of us take for granted one of our most precious of resources—safe drinking water. But imagine if testing discovered infectious or toxic substances in your water supply, or your private well bordered on a toxic site laced with cancer-causing chemicals. More than 50% of N.C. residents depend on groundwater to drink, including more than a million folks on small public water systems using community wells, and more than 2.7 million private well users. Thousands of underground fuel storage tanks have leaked statewide, while other hazards include livestock operations, metal processors and drycleaners. At Clean Water for NC, we work to educate the public about potential threats to drinking water, and work closely with communities whose water supplies are poisoned to stand up for safe replacement water and cleanup. We are a resource for communities from Wake Forest to Fayetteville to Asheville, providing technical assistance, organizing, or just a little guidance. CWFNC also advocates for better state policies to protect groundwater users. In 2007, we helped to push for the state to establish an Emergency Drinking Water Fund to provide alternative drinking water and well testing. While the fund fell victim to recent budget cuts, we’ll work to bring it back, and for strong policies to notify residents if they live near a source of known contamination.

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Mailing address for check donations: Clean Water for NC, 2009 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC 27707

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