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Director Lasse Halstrom (My Life as a Dog) takes us to a sleepy French village circa 1959, where the townspeople have grown accustomed to a life with little change. But when the delectable Vianne (Juliette Binoche) opens a shop filled with beautifully made, mouth-watering sweets, she exposes the town to a world of pleasure and temptation. It seems Vianne is able to read her customers' thoughts and desires; she knows exactly which bonbon will appeal to each of the reserved yet curious villagers who peer into the shop window. Fearing that the town will change for the worse, the resident nobleman and self-appointed town leader vows to run her out of town. Help comes in the form of a handsome visitor, the remarkably modern Roux (Johnny Depp, looking like he just left the Viper Room), who joins forces with Vianne in this romantic fable adapted from the novel by Joanne Harris. See "Opening Friday" for details.

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