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Ever sit through one of those long-winded commercials on American Movie Classics that explains how the films of old are chemically deteriorating or have already completely self-destructed? What they are telling you is frankly pretty disturbing, given our culture's love of the cinema. Luckily, we've got folks who are dedicating their time to restoring old films and keeping up public awareness of our long history of incredible filmmaking. The Library of Congress' National Film Registry, put together by former actor and president Ronald Reagan, has been called upon by the Duke Film and Video Program to show several of its priceless films at the Carolina Theatre in Durham and Duke's Page Auditorium this weekend. Among these classics are Polanski's Chinatown, Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove and Hitchcock's personal fave, Shadow of a Doubt. Film preservationist and Wilmington film industry mogul Frank Capra, Jr. will also be on hand to introduce his daddy's classic, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. See "Special Showings" for a complete schedule.

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