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Carolina Rollergirls


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The crowd ranges from 4-year-old girls to 30-something hipsters to a girl with a pink mohawk. What draws them to the Derby? Could it be the idolization of these women for their displays of girl power? A chance to gaze at a group of women in revealing outfits while drinking beer and eating funnel cakes? Whatever the draw, the crowd loves the show and many fans even show their support by sportin' their own fishnets and short shorts. Why not?

Once the province of 1970s nostalgia, roller derby is taking off in a big way. As members of the demurely named Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), the Carolina Rollergirls are part of a nationwide league of 30 teams. Last Sunday, Nov. 19, the Rollergirls outbrawled an all-star squad from Providence, R.I., by a score of 131-102, before a crowd of 1,700. The next home bout will be an intra-squad benefit tournament on Jan. 21. [Wed Editor's Note: The next Rollergirls bout is actually Sunday, Dec. 10, and the benefit bout is Tuesday, Jan. 23—see Celia Fate's comment below.] For more info, go to


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