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"Canine Assisted Rehabilitation for the Elderly is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming shelter dogs into therapeutic visitors for the elderly of Wake County. In this way we are able to fulfill a two-fold mission of increasing adoptability of these dogs while motivating senior citizens through the healing power of pets"

While visiting a facility we came across a lady who had never joined the others in the activities room to meet one of our dogs. Scout, a shepherd mix, made his rounds among the seniors, showing off his tricks and eating treats out of people’s hands. When we came to the new face, I could see she was interested but not quite sure what to do. “Would you like to give him a treat?” I asked. Without saying a word she nodded. Her frail hand stretched out to take the treat. Scout very gently ate from her hand. A smile streamed across her weathered face. She very slowly and softly began petting his head and he licked her cheek.

A few weeks later the activities director told us the woman had passed away three days after the visit. Her daughter came to pick up her things and was told how much she had enjoyed the visit with Scout. Her daughter said, “You must be mistaken. Mother was afraid of dogs her whole life. She would never have been in the room with that kind of dog.” The director showed her the pictures from that day and the daughter began to cry. “These are happy tears,” she said. “There must have just been something about that dog. Thank you for showing me this. It means everything”.

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Mailing address for check donations: CARE NC Inc, c/o Glenda Jensen, 4004 Barrett Dr., Suite 104, Raleigh, NC 27609

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