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Candy crush: Celebrating the Triangle's sweet tooth



There are a few indulgences worth splurging on, and to accept a lesser substitute is to rob yourself of hard-earned pleasures: coffee, beer, Scotch and chocolate.

In this edition of DISH, our special food issue, we visit with Triangle candy makers whose wares, in moderation, could actually be considered healthy. (The Daily Beast reported that Jeanne Louise Calment lived to age 122 and ate 2 ½ pounds of dark chocolate per week. Sounds like a plan.)

We also hung out with the World's Largest Gummy Bear, weighing in at 5 pounds and tallying more than 6,000 calories. (That is not healthy, even in moderation, but we all need a vice or two.)

Once you've tasted artisanal chocolate, sans the chemicals and preservatives, eating a Snickers bar is like drinking Folgers, and chasing it with a bottle of Rhinelander and a shot of Cutty Sark.

Live the good life. The Triangle's chocolatiers will show you how.

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