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Bronzed Chorus, Manray, 50 Bird Step

When: Mon., Aug. 29, 9 p.m. 2011

The Bronzed Chorus' Gleaning EP shows guitarist Adam Joyce moving from chirruping, effects-drenched melodies to a more textural role. Hunter Allen juggles drums, synthesizers and a modded Atari 2600. Live, it's a jaw-dropping display – even with the headache of maintaining obsolete gear or, as Joyce once muttered onstage at Durham's Casbah, tuning a guitar to an Atari. The new songs are longer and denser than the first two LPs' blissful pop take on post-rock. "The Morning Has Gold in Its Mouth" starts Gleaning gently, with decayed, insectoid synth washes referencing Mogwai's Happy Songs for Happy People. The rollicking "Are We Not Speedwagon?" holds closest to the Bronzed Chorus' original style, though Allen's four-bit arpeggios inject a 1980s sci-fi feel to this speeding Maserati. With Joyce's subtler approach and Allen's expressive drumming (not to mention his versatile array of synths), this EP's brevity belies surprising nuance and emotional depth. With Manray and Fifty Bird Step. —Corbie Hill

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