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Born Digital

When: Jan. 28-April 30 2012

As the stuff of some artists' work moves from the physical into the virtual, questions arise about just what medium an artist works in. CAM Raleigh opens Born Digital: Exploring Digital Culture and Interactivity, a group show of artists answering or ignoring those questions in amusing and intriguing ways. Born Digital is more about cognitive psychology than aesthetics. Many of the pieces incorporate quasi-sentient eyes that react to a viewer's movements and expressions, making the experience a game, training program or lesson that calls out one's social instincts. You might want to stretch before your visit, as every piece involves physical interactivity or feedback in some way. Karolina Sobecka is the undeclared star of this 12-artist show, exhibiting four works, one of which is experienced outside the building. As you approach CAM, projected people with their backs to you become aware of you and react, drawing counter-reactions from you, to which they in turn react. Sobecka provokes us to consider just how scripted our behavior is. —Chris Vitiello


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