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Former Frazier's chef joins Piedmont


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After a nationwide search, the Piedmont restaurant in Durham announced today it has hired Jeffrey Satterly of Frazier’s in Raleigh as the new Chef de Cuisine.

According to Jamie DeMent, one of the partners of Eno Hospitality Group, which owns the Piedmont, hiring a new chef entailed not only interviews but also a “local Iron Chef-style” competition.

“We showed up with ingredients and (the chefs) created meals,” she said.
The challenges were held at Piedmont’s sister restaurant, Zely & Ritz in Raleigh, which is also owned by Eno Hospitality Group.

The group opened Zely & Ritz eight years ago to create a restaurant that used ingredients from local farmers in North Carolina and, if needed, the Southeast. After Zely & Ritz, the group opened Piedmont almost five years ago with the same goals in mind.

Chef Satterly previously worked at Frazier’s in Raleigh, which was named one of the top 20 restaurants while he was there. Satterly said he is looking forward to working at Piedmont with the Eno Hospitality Group.

“I am incredibly excited to join the Piedmont team,” Satterly said in a press release. “I am looking forward to working with all local ingredients and to working with a team that includes dedicated farmers … and a chef partner as creative as Sarig Agasi.”

Chef Agasi is also a partner in the Eno Hospitality Group and works at Zely & Ritz.

DeMent said Piedmont’s ingredient-driven and seasonal menu will not drastically change.

“We hired Jeffrey to follow in our current tradition,” DeMent said.

Current Piedmont chef Marco Shaw signed on to the project for two years to help open the restaurant but is leaving to pursue new projects. He’ll stay at Piedmont through July, working with Satterly during the transition.


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