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Blair and Stephen Wilson


My mother spotted Stephen at an end-of-semester party for graduate students. Something about him intrigued her, and instinctively she knew I would feel the same way. I was oblivious to her plans as she began relentlessly harassing my Dad, one of his college professors, to arrange a meeting between the two of us.

The proposition took place immediately after Stephen finished his final exam. As he handed in the test Dad reluctantly asked him "Do you remember meeting my wife at the party last week?"

"Yes," he replied. In reality, he wasn't sure, as he had been quite drunk.

"Well, this isn't my idea, and please feel free to say no, and this of course in no way will affect your grade in this class, but she saw you at the party and was interested in you ..."

Noting Dad's obvious discomfort, Stephen quickly came to the only logical conclusion—he was about to be introduced to the lascivious world of the three-way sexual encounter, via my parents. Carnal images immediately flooded his mind. Further evidence was provided for this libertine theory as Dad continued with "and I don't even know if you're straight ..."

Stephen nervously confirmed that he was, in fact, heterosexual.

"She wants to know if you'd like to meet our daughter." Despite the awkward overture, he did. We all met for lunch two weeks later. Stephen and I have now been together for six years, and I cannot thank my parents enough for introducing us.

Blair and Stephen Wilson

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