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Best Sellers



1. Heart, by Gail Godwin (Morrow, $24). Nonfiction work by Godwin explores the meaning of the heart in history, literature, philosophy, psychology and medicine.

2. Sitting on the Court-house Bench, by Lee Smith (Tryon, $32). Local author Smith collaborates with Grundy, Va. high-school students to create an oral history of her hometown.

3. A Painted House, by John Grisham (Random House, $27.95). Arkansas cotton farmers deal with conflicts between the "hill people" and Mexican migrant workers in their employ.

4. An Hour Before Daylight, by Jimmy Carter (Simon & Schuster, $26). Former president Carter shares the story of his upbringing.

5. Gob's Grief, by Chris Adrian (Broadway, $24.95). A young man mourns for dead Civil War soldiers and works to create a time machine to bring them back.


1. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, by Dale Eggers (Vintage, $14). Gen-Xer Eggers describes raising his 8-year-old brother after the premature death of his parents.

2. News of the Spirit, by Lee Smith (Fawcett, $11). Smith shares short stories about chatty, oddball Southern women.

3. Colors of the Mountain, by Da Chen (Anchor, $13). Chen describes his upbringing during and after the Cultural Revolution in China.

4. Coach K's Little Blue Book, edited by Barry Jacobs (Sports Illustrated, $12.95). Duke University's famous basketball coach shares his insights on teamwork, commitment and winning.

5. A Girl With a Pearl Earring, by Tracy Chevalier (Plume, $12). Fictionalized account of what inspired Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer to paint the portrait of a young girl.

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