Best of the Triangle 2014 Issue | Intro

Best of the Triangle 2014 Issue

Want to start an argument? Take a seat at the bar, open the Best of the Triangle issue and with your fellow imbibers, debate the Best BBQ, nightclub or burger.

The Best of the Triangle is one of the INDY's most popular editions of the year. Readers can see where their favorites rank—and inevitably wonder how [fill in the blank here] possibly won.

For the INDY's staff writers and editors, it's a chance to reflect on what we appreciate about this place called the Triangle: More than 1,800 square miles of cities and towns and countryside, all of them culturally and politically very distinctive.

Some stories (see Carrboro, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary and Durham) poke gentle fun at our cities, the way you would a younger sibling, whom you love, but at times also find irritating. Other pieces (Pittsboro and Hillsborough) paint vignettes of two small towns, refuges if you will, from the cities.

Chapel Hill

Meanwhile, the Readers' Poll is run by the advertising department, which writes the ballot categories, tallies the votes and organizes the party—slated for Saturday, June 7, from 4–10 p.m., at Durham Central Park. Agree/disagree with your fellow readers' picks? Let them (and us) know by commenting at and via Facebook and Twitter.


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