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Because of his unbridled enthusiasm onstage, the Reverend Horton Heat usually gets the "punka-" or "psycho-" tag attached as a prefix to his brand of rough-and-tumble 'billy. But Heat isn't pleased with that label. He contends that his music made him as popular with swingers in the late '80s as with honky-tonk aficionados. But whether he likes it or not, most people come out so see him tear it up with raucous rockabilly tunes that earned him the honor of being the band Sun Studios calls when they want the real thing backing up their classic stable. And although he uses the title of "Reverend," don't ask him to marry you--unless you want a visit to rockabilly hell.

Dentally challenged, gun toting ex-con Unknown Hinson was scheduled to open for Heat--who's performing Friday, April 25, at the Cat's Cradle--but due to a hand-slashing incident, the guitarist was forced to cancel. Unknown overcame his stint as a circus geek biting the heads off live chickens and a 30-year stint in jail for offenses including armed robbery, grave robbing, vampirism, three counts of murder and 54 traffic violations to become the king of country music. Get well soon, Unknown.

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